2017 Pilot Grant Awardees Announced

The Columbia University Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity is pleased to announce the awardees of our 2017 pilot grant program. These grants are intended to support innovative, interdisciplinary research involving both quantitative scientists and cancer biologists. Their goal is to facilitate collaborations between mathematicians/physicians and cancer researchers that will lead to innovative new applications for the analysis of large biological data sets.

Recipients of the 2017 round of pilot grants include:

Andrew Blumberg, PhD (University of Texas)
Application of the Geometry of CAT(0) Spaces to Problems in Genomics

Abbas Rizvi, PhD and Tom Maniatis, PhD (Columbia University)
A Generalized Workflow for Molecularly Annotated Connectomics

Lorin Crawford, PhD (Duke University), Anthea Monod, PhD (Columbia University), and Sayan Mukherjee, PhD (Duke University)
Reconstructing and Collating Topological Quantifications of Tumors for Radiogenomics

Antonio Iavarone, MD and Fulvio D’Angelo, PhD (Columbia University)
Identification of Master Regulators in Glioblastoma through Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis

The Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity’s pilot grant program is made possible by the National Cancer Institute’s Physical Sciences in Oncology Network.

Requests for proposals for the 2018 pilot grant cycle will be announced soon. Click here for more information about our funding opportunities.