Graduate Instruction and Postdoctoral Training

The Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity is working to enhance the current graduate curriculum at Columbia University by developing a new graduate course for students in quantitative sciences that provides instruction in the foundations of cancer biology for non-biologists, the study of genomics within the context of single cells, and the use of quantitative methods such as applied topology for the analysis of large cancer data sets. In addition, we are working with New York University, the Institute for Advanced Study, and several departments at Columbia University to offer opportunities for quantitative students to become embedded in cancer biology laboratories. This effort will enable young investigators to gain in-depth understanding of cancer and the ways in which experimental and quantitative methods can be integrated for research.

The Center has been developing the following courses.

Cancer, Evolution, and Complexity

(Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Spring 2018)

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Deep Sequencing

(Columbia University, Fall 2017)

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Topological Data Analysis for Genomics and Applications to Cancer

(Columbia University, Spring 2017)

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