Workshop on Genomics, Evolution, and Heterogeneity of Glioblastoma Multiforme

March 10, 2017
Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10032
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Workshop description

The Workshop on Genomics, Evolution, and Heterogeneity of Glioblastoma Multiforme will be held as part of the NCI’s Physical Sciences-Oncology Network (PS-ON) initiative, in collaboration with Columbia University, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The workshop will focus on recent developments in the molecular characterization of glioblastoma multiforme, with particular emphasis on the study of tumor evolution and heterogeneity.


9.30-45am: Introduction: Raul Rabadan, PhD (Columbia University, New York)

 Session 1: Chair Eric Holland MD, PhD


9.45-10.20am: Do-Hyun Nam, MD, PhD (Samsung Medical Center, Seoul)

Precision Neuro-Oncology in glioblastoma based on tumor heterogeneity and evolution

10.20-10-55am: Robert Benezra, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York)

Glioma Heterogeneity and Differential Response to Therapy


10-55-11.15am: Coffee break-discussion


Session 2: Chair Raul Rabadan, PhD


11.15-11.50am: Anna Lasorella, MD (Columbia University, New York)

Vulnerability in glioma cells:  Low-hanging fruits versus difficult target

11.50-12.25am: Eric Holland, MD, PhD (F. Hutchinson Canc. Res. Center, Seattle)

The glioma landscape, and oncoscape 

12.25-1pm: Kenneth Aldape, MD (MacFeeters Hamilton Center, Toronto)


1-2.30pm Lunch break


Session 3: Chair: Arnold Levine, PhD


2.30-3.05pm: Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD (Broad Institute, Cambridge)

Epigenetic plasticity in glioma initiation and evolution

3.05-3.40pm: Rong Fan, PhD (Yale University, New Haven)

Characterization and In Vitro Modeling of Glioblastoma Heterogeneity

3.40-4.15pm: Antonio Iavarone, MD (Columbia University, New York)

 Classification and mechanisms of oncogenesis of human glioma


4.15-4.35pm: Coffee break-discussion


Session 4: Chair: Anna Lasorella, MD


4.35-5.10pm: Viviane Tabar, MD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, New York)

Histone mutations in glioma 

5.10-5.45pm: Daniel J. Brat, MD, PhD (Emory Univrsity School of Medicine)

Mechanisms and Markers of Progression in IDHoma